A very quick aside to note that is now running on HTTP/2 as of a week or so ago. I had been on the stable build of Nginx that ships with Ubuntu, which is pretty outdated.

I updated to the Nginx mainline repo and changed one line in my .conf file— spdy to http2.

I’m exploring Server Push, though nothing is implemented at this time.

It definitely feels faster, especially navigating within the site to different pages.

Aside to the aside: Yes, I really did do this via my phone.

And I feel pretty good about my site being among these as the ones having HTTP/2 connections:

Screenshot displaying the active HTTP/2 connections in my browser including my site.
A very tiny fish among some whales.






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  1. Brandon Kraft Avatar

    Oh, I forgot to mention that Automattic (my employer) and Dropbox sponsored the development of this in Nginx.

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