Who Shops at Best Buy?

The decline in sales was particularly acute for phones, tablets (so much for Apple coming to the rescue), and digital cameras. The company missed its projections by enough that it had to adjust its guidance for the full fourth quarter. Instead of flat US sales, it now expects to report a 1.5% drop compared with the same quarter of 2014.

Source: Best Buy’s stock price is dropping as fast as its sales – Quartz

The giver of my only offered-interviewed-declined-to-offer1, Best Buy, ain’t doing so hot these days. Despite having a wall of Xbox Ones, dedicated Apple, Windows, and Google “stores” in the back section, and being the one place I could go to compare FitBits in person before buying it online2, their annual sales are declining and they’re disappointing investors.


I want Best Buy to succeed. While it is a bit of nostalgia for the time I spent in middle school killing time by going with a couple of friends to Office Depot to play on their computers and I do order so many things from online retailers, brick-and-mortars can provide real values to customers.

What would it take for Best Buy to bring you back into their stores?

  1. Way back in high school. It was somewhat silly that they interviewed me in the first place as I was clear I wanted part-time work and, to open the first store in the region, only wanted full-time. 🤔 
  2. The FitBit was provided by my employer as a perk! I ordered from the corporate store. As a general rule, if I take up their air conditioning to decide on a purchase, I’m loyal to the one that brought me and will purchase in-store. 






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