Credit Confusion

I have an old credit card. I got it in college and I almost never use it. Every blue moon, I’ll use it when making a purchase and the funds aren’t immediately available. See, I have a checking and a savings account and all the money is in the savings account…

Anyhow and in other words, I really don’t care about the account.

They sent a new card and the online activation failed. Oh well. I called the number on the card instead. Usually, phone activation is incredibly fast. This time, they referred me to a person. They asked for my “password”. Alright, I gave it to them. No, the “security word” that I provided when I opened the account in 2004.

I took a stab. Wrong one. Well, I don’t really care about the card and it isn’t worth my time to be transferred to someone else—the next step apparently. The poor lady’s confusion when I didn’t care to figure out the issue was laughable.






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