Category: Finances

  • Credit Confusion

    I have an old credit card. I got it in college and I almost never use it. Every blue moon, I’ll use it when making a purchase and the funds aren’t immediately available. See, I have a checking and a savings account and all the money is in the savings account… Anyhow and in other words, […]

  • Do you tithe?

    I was directed toward a review of a book, Passing the Plate: Why American Christians Don’t Give Away More Money. The review mentions has poorly American Christians donate. Some of the numbers: If just the “committed Christians” (defined as those who attend church at least a few times a month or profess to be “strong” […]

  • Anyone had a student loan disappear on them?

    I have various student loans. They’re a fun part of my life [sarcasm]. A nice little chunk of my paycheck is used to pay off the various financial institutions that bankrolled my college career. I’m used to sending them checks–usually electronic, but nevertheless, the cash flow goes toward them. Until today. I recieved a check […]

  • easy bank transfers with paypal

    Do you have checking accounts over multiple banks? Do you hate having to write yourself a check and go to an ATM to deposit it? An easy way to transfer the money between banks without having to actually do any work is via PayPal. Without a fee, you can add funds to your account from […]