Live Beer Blogging 2017

Derek Springer of and Five Blades Brewing fame and I are at the 2017 Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference in Milwaukee, WI. A tradition of this conference is a live beer blogging session that is speed dating with bloggers writing in real time about trying a different brewery’s best with only five minutes per beer. It sounds like a lot of time, but it is chaos. We’ll start started here about an hour at Saturday, August 5th, 2017 15:00 CDT.






6 responses to “Live Beer Blogging 2017

  1. Derek Springer Avatar

    I’m still here! 😭

  2. Khürt Williams Avatar

    Perhaps would have bene useful.

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar

      Yeah, I could have done a series on here with my microblog tag (which is picked up at ), but they would have be disjointed, lacking context, and lacked multi-author support). The glitches on this were mainly around not testing plus running alpha and early beta software.

      1. Khürt Williams Avatar

        Looking forward to the next one. I love American craft beer. I’ll give you a follow on

  3. Khürt Williams Avatar

    A few people requested that I remove beer check-ins from my man RSS. I supposed they are not fans of craft ales. Or perhaps they…

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