COVID in Austin Update (June 15)

The good news for today is the daily numbers aren’t worse than the weekend.

119 new cases today, which seems to be our new normal now. 23 new hospitalizations, so we’ll stay in Stage 4. Our 7-day average is 22.6.

The 142 currently hospitalized is a record high. We’re stable with 52 people in the ICU, staying at the record we set yesterday. A couple more net people jumped onto ventilators putting us at 31, which is the highest that I have down since I started recording it the first week of April (possible we were at or above this number before then).

Austin and Travis County extended the Stay-at-Home orders through August 15th, the longest validity time for emergency orders yet. The orders requests everyone wear masks and that dining rooms be limited to 25% of capacity. It can only request as the State’s orders can not be overridden which does not mandate masks and allows up to 75% capacity in dining rooms. Mayor Adler admitted the orders can’t be enforced, thanks to Governor Abbott, so this is really just an attempt to beg for compliance without even a hint of legal trouble.

For me, we’re going to continue to hunker down. I tried to login to download some digital content from the Austin Public Library. My card expired just before all of this began, which I didn’t notice until now. I can’t renew online since I have $1.15 in outstanding fines, and I can’t pay the fines online since my card doesn’t have a validated address on it since it expired. 🤡 Hope y’all have better luck with your homebound entertainment.






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