Bike Day

I took my weekly day off this week and decided to make it a bike day. I haven’t jumped on the two-wheeler in a couple of months and it needs some work (it won’t shift down to the lowest gears), but the weather has been too great and I’ve really been itching to ride.

I rode from home to San Juan Diego, where Vanessa works, to deliver her lunch. Rode from there to the UCC. From the UCC, I just went riding. After all is said and done, I transversed just shy of 22 miles of Austin’s travel lanes, bike lanes and trails.

I think I’m going to sleep well tonight.


All I Want for Christmas…

With all of this talk of the start of the Christmas season, I’ve been asked what’s on my wish list. Honestly, I’m happy with the time off and spending it with Vanessa.

But, if you were to twist my arm, there are a few things I’d like to see under the tree this year.

First, I think Apple’s iPhone is on many folks list, including mine. I already have a BlackBerry and I’m not sure if the iPhone’s AT&T plan would be cost efficient. Nevertheless, the iPhone is fun.

More likely, Apple’s iPod Touch (an iPhone without the phone) is the top item on my list. The iTunes App Store with computer-favorites, like Remember the Milk or Facebook, plus some iPod Touch apps like UrbanSpoon are just cool.

I like technological toys, so Amazon’s Kindle would also find a happy home with me. The Kindle is an ebook reader, that among other things, can download new ebooks to itself from anywhere with a Sprint wireless data connection.

On, I have a few wishlists listing various other things I’ve thought were interesting over the years.

All of that being said, I’m not actually wanting of this for Christmas. Every year, for as long as I can remember, I’ve “wished” for various things, most of them were overpriced electronics. Christmas isn’t about getting what you want, or getting anything at all, but about giving to others, about celebrating the coming of the Savior into the world. It’s easy to get swept into the commercialism and materialism that the secular side of the holiday provides, and within limits, it is fun to dream of what cool toys might be found under the tree.

For Christmas, far too many people will go without food, clean water, decent shelter or human companionship. Our focus should not be on ourselves, or the gifts that we want to give or recieve from our families and friends, but rather, how can we become Christ to others? Afterall, Christmas is about Christ coming into the world, so why shouldn’t we make our own Christmas celebration about Christ coming to those left neglected in the world.

Can we do both? Help others and get a cool toy? Sure, but don’t forget which is more important.


Happy Thanksgiving!

To all, a quick note wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! May today be a day of family, friends and giving thanks to God and each other for all of the blessings in our lives.

Hook ‘Em Horns! (7 pm, Football vs Texas A&M, ESPN)


Why do I blog? – Blog Action Day Edition

Today over at Catholic Thinker, I’m blogging as part of Blog Action Day 2008. Why?

I was asked this question by a reporter for the Daily Texan newspaper, the daily student-run newspaper for The University of Texas at Austin.

I must admit, I was taken back by the question. Why wouldn’t I do it? Blogging isn’t my day job. I was blogging before it was known as blogging (I had a personal website long before folks called them “weblogs”, much less “blogs”). If a group that has sizable traction wants everyone to try to write about one topic, in their own way, on a given day, let’s do it.

The Internet allows for personal expression in personal ways. If you like to speak aloud, podcasting is for you. Love to see yourself talk, use YouTube. Want to just write, there are plenty of text-based blogging tools. Want to say it in under 140 characters, head over to Twitter.

My point is that the Internet allows you to say whatever you want in whatever medium you wish without having an editor to approve the topic, the length, the style or anything (although, the Internet would be a better place if every person had their own personal copy-editor, but I digress). If I can rant, as a “Catholic Thinker” about how the feast day of a 3rd-century pope is connected to the 2008 poverty topic, then that’s exactly why. For me, the connection is obvious, but for others, not so much.

If you have a blog, take a few minutes and say a litle something about poverty.

This post is part of Blog Action Day 08 – Poverty


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