USA or…?

Overheard at the El Paso Independence Day Parade:

Parade Member: USA! USA! USA!

Crowd Member: Why is that guy yelling “YOU ESE!”

Confessions of a WordPress Wife

Vanessa took our five kids to the shoe store for summer shoes.

Clerk: Do you work for WordPress?

Vanessa: Um, my husband works for Automattic. He helps make WordPress. How did you guess that?

C: Two of your kids are wearing WordPress shirts.

Quote of the Century

Tonight while Olivia, age 2, was drinking her milk after dinner.
Olivia: Is this almond vanilla milk?
Me: Yeah, almond vanilla. It’s your milk.
Olivia: It’s yo’ momma’s milk! Oooooh snap!

She leaned back and put her hand to her mouth during the “Oooooh snap”. Perfect delivery. I don’t say anything like that often, very rarely actually, but she picked it up and delivered.


The second in an occasional series of posts of “Quotes of the Whenever”. I’m working on a server transition for Austin Catholic New Media, so a light post for today.

At about 10 a.m.
Olivia: How about crackers? (asking for some crackers)
Me: Okay, I’ll give you crackers now, but then no more for the rest of the day.
Olivia: No deal.

This was after Olivia doing something silly.
Me: You’re being a goosey-goose!
Olivia: Don’t call me that! Call me mija! (Spanish slang for my daughter)
Me: Okay, Mija, I’ll call you that, but you’re still a goosey-goose.
Olivia: I’m not a goosey-goose! I’m my own monkey! I eat bananas!

Me: [Telling Olivia she shouldn’t do whatever she was doing that she had been told not to before.]
Olivia: (Fighting Tears) Don’t say that! Just stop!

For those wondering, Catalina isn’t talking yet. She’s trying. Hard. She has a solid “Dadadada” and some sign language, but nothing that would translate well to QOTW.