I will never forsake Texas…

I will never forsake Texas and her cause. I am her son.

«José Antonio Navarro»
Daddy's Corner Quotes

Quotes of the Week (or so…)

Inspired by Kathryn, I’m going to start recording some of Olivia’s (and eventually Catalina’s) spoken gems.

Too Much Angry Birds?

Me: ::pig noise::
Olivia: No, piggy daddy!
Me: ::pig noise::
Olivia: I throw birdie at you! (throwing motion with her arm.)

Time for Mouthwash for Daddy:

Me: Ah, damn it.
Olivia: No say damn it! Bad word! No say damn it!

Alright, So We’re A Bit Sensitive:

Me: Dang it.
Olivia: No say dang it! Bad word!

What’s In A Name?

Me: What’s your name?
Olivia: Olivia Rose Gonzalez Kraft!
Me: Good, Mommy?
Olivia: Vanessa Gonzalez Kraft
Me: Grandma?
Olivia: Grandma Yoli
Me: Grandpa?
Olivia: Oscar the Grouch


From the annual Christmas letter of Casa Juan Diego in Houston.

When everything seems dark and discouraging, the best way to beat despair is to serve the desperate.

«From the annual Christmas letter of Casa Juan Diego»

Overheard at Sonic

Yes, can I get a kid-sized Sprite, a kid-sized Coke, a kid-sized Strawberry Limeaide, a kid-sized Ocean Water, a kid-sized Dr. Pepper and Route 44 Diet Coke, easy on the ice.

«The customer next to us at Sonic.»

a verse for today

“When I found your words, I devoured them;
they became my joy and the happiness of my heart,
Because I bore your name,
O Lord, God of hosts.” – Jer 15:16

college slackers

PNaYBayB: nope:-)…but that’s ok…bc i figured out that i don’t need that good of a grade on this test to come out with a decent grade
Kraftcheesenmac: the true sign of a college student
PNaYBayB: hahah…a true sign of a graduating college student
Kraftcheesenmac: well i do that too
Kraftcheesenmac: lol
Kraftcheesenmac: and i’m not close yet
PNaYBayB: starting early…that’s good
Kraftcheesenmac: i wouldn’t want to work hard for three years and then look back and wonder why i didn’t slack off sooner….