Quotes of the Week (or so…)

Inspired by Kathryn, I’m going to start recording some of Olivia’s (and eventually Catalina’s) spoken gems.

Too Much Angry Birds?

Me: ::pig noise::
Olivia: No, piggy daddy!
Me: ::pig noise::
Olivia: I throw birdie at you! (throwing motion with her arm.)

Time for Mouthwash for Daddy:

Me: Ah, damn it.
Olivia: No say damn it! Bad word! No say damn it!

Alright, So We’re A Bit Sensitive:

Me: Dang it.
Olivia: No say dang it! Bad word!

What’s In A Name?

Me: What’s your name?
Olivia: Olivia Rose Gonzalez Kraft!
Me: Good, Mommy?
Olivia: Vanessa Gonzalez Kraft
Me: Grandma?
Olivia: Grandma Yoli
Me: Grandpa?
Olivia: Oscar the Grouch

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3 Replies to “Quotes of the Week (or so…)

  1. Just think: your daughters will never know a world without (really, really good) touchscreens. Makes a world where the proper response to a pig is to throw a bird seem relatively tame. 🙂


    1. Have you seen this video of a one-year old who is having trouble understanding how to get a magazine to work because the touch commands are not responding?


  2. […] at home is leadership by example. Anything I say or do is repeated back to me. The good and not so good. My eating and (lack of) exercise examples are not something I want her to pick […]



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