Church Transportation

traveling to paulist pre-assembly

On Tuesday, I flew from Ausin to New York CIty (LGA). I haven’t flown much and so far, every place I have traveled to included a direct flight. American, my airline of choice, doesn’t fly to LGA direct so I had to connect at DFW.
I arrive in DFW after an uneventful, on time flght from AUS. I check the departure board in the C Terminal of DFW. If you haven’t been, they’re large flat-screen monitors. Very classy. Anyhow, the 11:39 a.m. DFW-LGA is on time at gate C22.
I walk five feet and my cell phone buzzes.
It’s a text message from American. My flight is cancelled.
Confused, I went back to the departure board I was just at. It says on time still. I stare at it. ON TIME fades to CANCELLED.
Luckly, I called American at the number they sent with the text message. The ticket agent was extremely nice and put me onto a plane that left earlier- which I didn’t mind at all since I was already at the gate.
On the plane, we are delayed due to a broken part and then have to circle LGA for awhile. I end up arriving a bit before schedule.
I was told to take a taxi to get to the retreat house but I decided that I didn’t like that option. I find the Q33 bus and take that to a transfer station on 74th in Queens. I make my way to the F train and ride it to the end. After a nice two-block walk uphill, I’ve arrived at the Bishop Molloy Retreat Center.

i rode on a ferry today

I’m in the Galveston area for a day or two and found myself with some time to kill. SH 87 includes a TxDOT-operated ferry leaving Galveston Island. Since I’ve never been on a ferry, I took the chance to do something new. I enjoyed it quite a bit and am dubbing the event “my spring break cruise”.

ut shuttle routes’ proposed change of service

UT Shuttle Routes Proposed Changes
Capital Metro (which shouldn’t it be named “Capitol Metro”?) is proposing changing a few of the routes on the UT shuttle system.
They all sound good to me, but then again the only proposal to change routes does not impact me. It would reduce WL, BD and PL to two routes. Check out the proposed changes above and give your comments.

I Feel For These Guys

Capitol Metro Bus
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As I mentioned yesterday, the City of Austin is closing a good portion of downtown for the Lance Armstrong parade today. When I rode the bus home yesterday, nothing seemed too distrupted.

Today, however, I really feel for Cap Metro drivers. As I was riding the bus from Oltorf to campus, the first sign of change was all the radio chatter. Usually, Cap Metro radios are usually pretty quiet. Today was non-stop. Detours here and there. A road closed early so drivers listen up. We pull up to 2nd at Congress where a supervisor steps on to make sure the driver caught all of the detours.

lance_downtown.jpgFirst, all routes will detour off of Congress at or before 6th street. Secondly, the Capitol Station at 11th and Congress that was supposed to be open until late tonight was already closed because 11th Street was closed. All routes highlighted in red were detoured. The Route 1 went right on 5th, left on Brazos and left again onto 6th so the big 6th and Congress on-street transfer point could remain open. People at 6th and Brazos, who thought the stop was tranferred there, ran after the bus. The driver stopped midblock on 6th to pick them up. At Congress, a few more people ran across the street to the new stop. Between Congress and Colorado, a lady is trying to figure out where the southbound Route 1 will be coming from. Cap Metro put out signs in advance for many of the detours, but if the radio chatter meant anything, it sounds like things were changing as much as they were staying the same.

Tonight should be pretty interesting for Cap Metro as well. All routes in both red and green will be closed tonight. That might actually be easier- everything shifts to South 1st, Guadalupe and Lavaca. Crosstown routes that are supposed to cross Congress- well, I’m glad I don’t have to figure out where those detour to- 15th maybe?

Anyhow, it was an interesting ride this morning and I really feel for the drivers and the people who depend on the buses for transporation. What a headache!

Austin Transportation

When We Throw A Parade

Congress Closed for Parade, Naaman Esquivel, Daily TexanOn Friday evening, there will be a parade celebrating Lance Armstrong’s sixth Tour de France victory. The parade, being held on Congress Ave south of the Capitol, will tangle up downtown traffic for more than just Friday. Parking along Congress has been blocked north of Sixth Street since yesterday morning. Congress between 11th and 9th, with respective cross-streets, have been closed since yesterday evening. That closure will extend to 6th-8th Street today at 3:30 p.m. The remainder of Congress, and crossstreets, will close tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. to prepare for the 7 p.m. parade.

The early closure is to allow for the construction of a stage on Congress for preformances by the Steve Miller Band and Robert Earl Keen. With a backdrop of the Capitol, Austinites will do what Austinites do best: party.
The streets will reopen at various times through Saturday, according to a City of Austin press release.

As I rode by it today, I’m looking forward to the parade. I’ve been in parades in Wichita Falls, but nothing close to what Friday will be like. I haven’t posted nearly as much lately because I’m being slammed by tests. Nonetheless, the itch to post still got to me.