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  • Desktop App

    Automattic released a app for Mac OS X today. I’ve been using it for some time now during development and it has found a wonderful place into my regular workflow. Download the OS X app now! A Feed Reader I have a love/hate relationship with Feedly. I migrated all of my RSS feeds…

  • Developing with Jetpack

    Developing with Jetpack

    At this very moment, I’m presenting at WordCamp DFW about using Jetpack in your development. It is meant to wet your appetite to think about Jetpack in, perhaps, a different way. Far from comprehensive, I’ll mention things not in the slides and still miss plenty. Check out the Developing with Jetpack deck!

  • Press This Extended 1.1

    Press This Extended 1.1

    Press This Extended 1.1 is live and ready to make your WordPress 4.3 pressing all the better.

  • World of Blogging

    World of Blogging

    Yesterday, I presented on the World of Blogging at the Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference. The deck is online now. I might have notes published later, but to be honest, I didn’t keep notes besides the outline that drove the slides. Cheers!

  • Beer + Slack

    Beer + Slack


  • Press This Extended!

    Press This Extended!

    Introducing the Press This Extended plugin to open up a whole new world of options to Press This in WordPress 4.2.