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Best Beginner JS Resources?

I’m realizing how critical JS skills will be moving forward, but admit I’m behind the curve. What are the best resources for learning JS?

Books, online courses, technical references, frameworks I should learn?

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Attaching a Google Document to a Google Calendar Item?

Here’s something I noticed for the first time today.

Notice the “Add a Google document” link. When you click on it, this appears:
It lists all of your Google documents. I do not see this on my Google Account, but only on my Google Apps accounts (both Education Edition and Standard Edition).

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Where’s My Phone?!?

Something I stumbled across today, Where’s My Cell Phone?, a website that will simply call your phone so you can find it through ringing. A very simple idea and it claims not to remember your number. I haven’t used the site myself, but it seems like something useful.
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let the donors choose

I ran into this site today, Donors Choose, a site that connects teachers who need funding with donors.
Teachers can post project proposal and indicate the funding level they need in order to successfully implement it. Donors can choose from the various projects and opt to fund a project, either in part or in full.
So far, $5.1 million dollars have gone to serve student needs.
One random project that I found is for “Exciting Desktop Publishing”. A low-income school’s business technology class is now lacking a printer and funds to purchase a new one after their old one when to computer heaven.
The teacher would like to raise $1400 to purchase a color laser printer to help these low-income students earn skills they could use to help raise them into the next income bracket.
I like this program for a couple of reasons. First, it helps education. As many of you know, I believe that true education is the silver bullet that can help many of the social ills that exist. Second, it allows benefactors to connect in some way with the teachers and students they support. The more I learn about and reflect upon development as a ministry, the more I realize that building those connections is very important.
I would The Brandon Kraft Foundation to grow into something like that- a clearinghouse of people with ideas and benefactors that can help those ideas happen.