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  • Rental Review – Traitor (2008)

    Last week, we watched Traitor (imdb,, a Jeffrey Nachmanoff film featuring Don Cheadle (The Oceans 11 series, Hotel Rwanda). The film follows the story of Samir Horn, a defected American solider, devout Muslim, as he begins more involved with a terrorist cell planning an attack on the United States and the government agents trying […]

  • Does anyone go to the movies anymore?

    Tonight, Vanessa and I went to see the latest Mummy movie (she liked the first two, don’t ask about this one) and was struck by the complete lack of people at the theater. No, not just that particular screen showing that particular can’t-believe-we-paid-full-price-for-this film, but the entire cineplex. There were, maybe, 50 cars in the […]

  • fishers of men

    Okay, I promise that my blog will not be used only for video sharing. That being said, there’s been a number of videos I’ve wanted to share. This next one is a two-part film commissioned by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops discussing vocations to the priesthood. The film is entitled “Fishers of Men” […]

  • should this guy be held responsible?

    A horrible accident occurred today in Phoenix, AZ. CNN reports that two news helicopters crashed while covering a police chase. Four people, a pilot and a photographer from each news station, were killed in the accident. No one on the ground was killed. The CNN story quotes a Phoenix official stating that the suspect in […]

  • two cathedrals

    The West Wing – The Complete Second Season by Warner Home Video The second season of The West Wing is one of the finest seasons of television drama. Period. I’ll focus on my favorite episode, the season finale of ‘Two Cathedrals’. During the previous episode, we learn that the well-loved secretary of the President was […]