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  • He is supposed to be young forever

    Dule Hill (Charlie from The West Wing) is 43 today. This makes me feel old. I expect him to remain the baby-face in a world of old people forever. I’m scared to look up how old the rest of the cast is now.

  • Ruby Bridges

    Ruby Bridges

    We watched this powerful film about elementary school integration with the girls tonight. Lovely that the two top-billed leads of the movie are the two white people in the movie.

  • House of Cards Confession

    I intentionally did not remind Vanessa that the new season of House of Cards was available until today so I could have more confidence that she wouldn’t watch them while I was in Hawaii.

  • Alamo Serves It Up Twice

    Today, we watched a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse‘s recently reopened South Lamar location which was preceded by the released-that-day Star Wars Episode VII trailer. After it ran through, in Alamo fashion, the screen went black with text asking if we wanted to watch it again and ordering the protectionist to roll again. Then, they…

  • The Cord Has Been Cut

    Finally, I made the phone call. As expected, AT&T does not allow you to cancel a portion of their services online, so to actually end the U-Verse TV account, had to call during business hours. I have been dragging my feet. This TV show (on re-runs that we could watch via Netflix at an incredibly…

  • After 17 Years, Leno Hangs Up 10:35

    Last night, Jay Leno hosted his final tonight show, available until mid-June on, mixing both a look at the past and a look toward the future. His opening stand-up included thanking Michael Jackson, Monica and Bill and others who helped the comedy write itself during the past 17 years. The comedy piece was a…