The Cord Has Been Cut

Finally, I made the phone call. As expected, AT&T does not allow you to cancel a portion of their services online, so to actually end the U-Verse TV account, had to call during business hours. I have been dragging my feet. This TV show (on re-runs that we could watch via Netflix at an incredibly lower monthly cost) is in the midst of its last season, so we have to wait until we DVR the 2 a.m. showing of that and watch it. Or there’s a new episode of something or another that I can watch days later on Hulu for free that I just must watch four hours after it originally aired.

Yadda, yadda.

It hit me when I was writing “Call AT&T to cancel TV” in my little notebook and I started writing “after this episode airs”. What am I doing? Seriously? That’s how America has been sucked into paying so much money every month for 1000 channels of which maybe just five are the least bit interesting except in those late-night hours where we flip through the other 995 to find something not completely horrible to watch instead of going to bed.

So, as of tomorrow, the service will be terminated. It only took 25 or so days of Lent to start this little sacrificial act.






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  1. Felicia Avatar

    I cut the cord with TWC also, and it took me a $39.99 “technician visit” and a 20 minutes to convince them I “really did want to cut off my TV service”. Good luck!

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