After 17 Years, Leno Hangs Up 10:35

Last night, Jay Leno hosted his final tonight show, available until mid-June on, mixing both a look at the past and a look toward the future.

His opening stand-up included thanking Michael Jackson, Monica and Bill and others who helped the comedy write itself during the past 17 years. The comedy piece was a look back at the best of Jaywalking, his regular feature of recorded bits walking around L.A. asking “normal” folks easy current events questions with quite humorous results.

His only guest was his replacement–Conan O’Brien–with a somewhat awkward interview looking at what the new The Tonight Show will look like starting on Monday.

Musical guest was James Taylor. Leno introduced him mention that on his way out of Boston years and years ago Taylor’s song, “Ten miles behind me and Ten-thousand more to go” was playing on the radio leaving an impression on him that has lasted all these years.

The final “goodbye”, I thought, was the most touching. I’m going to let you watch that for yourself. It starts after the final commercial break.

Conan begins on Monday. Leno’s new show will premier at 9 pm (Central) in September.



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  1. Lon Seres Avatar
    Lon Seres

    I saw Conan on tour the other night and it was very funny. I can’t wait for his new show to come on TBS. It will be the start of a new chapter in late night TV.

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