Random Musings by Kraft

  • Now Using 2023

    Now Using 2023

    I switched the site over to using Twenty Twenty Three yesterday with my first “real” experience with the Site Editor. I’ve created some small single-page sites with the Block Editor, but hadn’t spent real time with it. It’ll take me a little bit to get used to it, but this is overall a positive move…

  • ActivityPub


    What the hell—added ActivityPub support to the site so you can follow the site via @kraft@kraft.blog via Mastodon or your favorite ActivityPub-powered social site.

  • Finally Caught It

    Finally Caught It

    After avoiding for two years, I could avoid it no more. Symptomatic but mild. Bleh.

  • Incident at the Elementary School

    Incident at the Elementary School

    At my kids’ elementary at dismissal time, there was an incident of someone approaching the gate where “walkers” are dismissed to their parents. The individual seemed to be under the influence of something, and when a teacher asked him to leave, the individual struck a couple of teachers. Parents acted quickly to subdue the individual,…

  • Uvalde


    Today’s horrific shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde is a tragedy beyond words. First, for the murdered, I pray that they’re in the Kingdom now in a place without pain or sadness. For the families and loved ones of the ones we lost, I hope and pray that they can process this surrounded by…

  • Getting Started with Matrix

    Getting Started with Matrix

    When a small organization that I’m involved with wanted to move from text messages or Telegram to a more robust real-time chat platform, we had a few options. There’s Slack, of course, and Discord, but we’re geeks and wanted to look to open-source solutions. The open-source aspect was appealing for a few reasons—no corporate overloads…