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  • WordPress Adds Emoji 13.1 Support

    WordPress Adds Emoji 13.1 Support

    WordPress 5.8 will add Emoji 13.1 support.

  • Emoji 13 Coming to WordPress

    Emoji 13 Coming to WordPress

    As of r48048-core, WordPress will polyfill Emoi 13 glyphs on devices that do not support them. What this means is whether or not your viewer’s device is able to display a 🫀 or not, you can include one on your WordPress site and it’ll display for them. You have stuff to do — like feed…

  • 🧁 WordPress Adds Emoji 11 Support

    🧁 WordPress Adds Emoji 11 Support

    New emoji are out this month and WordPress will be one of the first to support them.

  • Have A Cupcake From Qué Bueno!

    Vanessa’s Qué Bueno Bakery is the an official sponsor of the cupcake emoji!

  • Cutting Edge of Emoji

    WordPress added support for two special emoji today—not included in Unicode 9: the rainbow/pride and pirate flags. 🏳️‍🌈🏴‍☠️ iOS users will see these in the next update (iOS 10, currently in beta) and has been updated in the scripts that Twitter uses. WordPress users will see it, besides on my site and those that run the…

  • How To Use Emoji One On Your Site

    Emoji One, an open-source emoji set, revealed their 2016 collection last month and it is beautiful! WordPress natively uses Twiemoji, a “competing” set sponsored by Twitter when the browser can not display emoji, so how do you switch which is used? The quick answer is to add this to a core functionality plugin or your…