Emoji 13 Coming to WordPress

As of r48048-core, WordPress will polyfill Emoi 13 glyphs on devices that do not support them.

What this means is whether or not your viewer’s device is able to display a πŸ«€ or not, you can include one on your WordPress site and it’ll display for them.

You have stuff to do β€” like feed your kids πŸ‘¨β€πŸΌ or tend to a plant πŸͺ΄ or making face masks πŸͺ‘ β€” so no need to think about whether or not someone will see an emoji or a blank box on your site.

It isn’t magic πŸͺ„. WordPress has a small bit of JavaScript that will check if your browser will render one of the latest emoji and see if it is what we’d expect or not. If not, it’ll load a script to replace emoji characters with graphical images. If it does support the latest emoji standard, it’ll do nothing and let the viewer’s operating system display it like normal.

This will roll out to production as part of the WordPress 5.5, expected to ship in August.

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