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  • Lent 2011 #1

    In the 8th grade, I gave up sodas for Lent. It was a relatively easy task and, as far as I recall, I did it well, except for one Sprite early in Lent that I bought at a gas station with my sister. Ever since then though, Lent hasn’t been as easy. What do to […]

  • In His Father’s Secret Service [Teaser]

    The Paulist Fathers, the order I used to work with in my days at the UCC, is rolling out a Lenten YouTube reflection series… looks like it could be fun. UPDATED: Apparently, they took the trailer offline once the series started. I really liked that trailer.

  • The Final Week

    Now that we’ve celebrated the Sixth Sunday of Lent, which is actually Palm Sunday, so now past almost all of Lenten journey toward Easter. I pray that it was a beneficial one for you. Mine… well… let’s say that it started with me enjoying a homemade pizza on the First Friday of Lent, complete with turkey pepperoni. It […]

  • Lenten Promises

    By way of the Ohio State Catholic Campus Ministry:

  • broken lent

    Today is Monday of the Second Week of Lent. Today is the 13th day of Lent 2006. For 13 days, we have fasted, sacrificed, prayed more, and done more good works than we had 14 days ago. We come up with these great ideas on what we’re able to do. I’m going to give up […]

  • are you comfortable with change?

    Two years ago today, liturgically speaking that is, I attended Ash Wednesday Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral in downtown Austin. During the homily, given by Bishop Aymond, there was a line that struck me. Change is always seen as a negative thing in our lives because it interferes with our level of comfortability. Might I […]