Austin Downtown Shooting

Last night/early this morning, there was a shooting in Downtown Austin along 6th Street.

The latest I’ve heard indicates the shooter(s) are still at large and there’s not a lot or publicly known information.

At this time, I keep those injured in my prayers for a quick and full recovery. I also remember the first responders, particularly the police officers who provided first aid and transported many of the injured in their patrol cars due to the crowd slowing EMS response.

As this is about all we know, I don’t want to get into any discussion or debate about politics around this. Is this event a sign of needed gun regulation? Is this a sign that the City Council’s police reform/defunding efforts are harming safety?

In terms of this event, we don’t know any of that yet. Let’s learn what actually happened, then talk about what’s needed.

Citizen Pulls Over Texas State Trooper For Speeding

While I don’t suggest trying this at home (or while driving), wow. The trooper seemed as nervous as I do when I’ve been pulled over. He loses points for seemingly trying to not identify himself initially but was overall polite.

My experiences with Texas State Troopers, which have been more times that I care to admit, have all been very positive and respectful. My stops with local county/city officers average a bit more gruff.

While I want to get a dashcam, I won’t be using it for anything like this.