Back to Basics

I found myself hesitant to post short little posts like this because I didn’t want them to get automatically posted to Facebook or Twitter with the default messaging. So, I turned that off. The open web is something I’ve been worried about losing and with the upcoming development of, I want to start posting status updates here again instead of Twitter.

That Time CNN Interviews You…

Don’t tweet @Velveeta about Super Bowl queso – Video – Technology

Around Thanksgiving, Abby from CNN reached out wanting to do a story about my Internet-famous Twitter confusion and when she realized that both @Velveeta and I lived in Austin, it was the tipping point for her to fly out to visit with us.

It was quite a bit of fun for the whole interview process (amazing how much time goes into a three-minute spot). Still to this day, I haven’t met @Velveeta in person.

If you haven’t seen it, I talk about it more in-depth in this four-minute piece from 2013 and then when Kraft Foods sent me more cheese later in 2014.

I’ve had a little press about it including the New York Daily News and Digiday before, but this was the first video piece.

As @Velveeta tweeted me tonight, we’re both bracing ourselves. The Twitter mentions have already started to flow in.