long time, no see

It has been sometime since I’ve been able to post a Random Musing. A quick recap of the reasoning: First, Cyberstation deleted the website again. They’re still billing me (got one today) but still has yet to reactivate my account. Never use Cyberstation of Wichita Falls. I give them two thumbs down. Anyhow, after a couple of weeks of waiting for them, I opened an account elsewhere. So far, they haven’t deleted my account- a good sign. Between the domain transfer and reconfiguring what I had setup, this is the first chance I’ve had to update this site.

With the completion of old business, new business comes up. Remember my parking ticket- well, I appealed it saying that half my car was legally parked and there were no other spaces open. The Appeals Officer decided that I deserved some slack and reduced my ticket- by half. So, half my car was parked illegally so I get fined half the usual amount. Last night, when I was driving home from The Pines, I was pulled over and given a citation for speeding. Going 82 in a 65. One ticket down, one to go.






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