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cheesebikini?: One Conference, Two Worlds
I found this weblog entry today; I really can’t wait for the time where this really is common place. The technology enables us to be always on the information superhighway but too often, we are unable to access it simply because everyone is behind the times.
True, people will be able to play games and whatnot but imagine being able to schedule a study group instantly in the middle of the lecture by sending out a meeting request. Or being able to send a quick msg to a classmate asking what was the answer the prof just gave. The abilities are endless.
UT is slowly adding wireless internet across campus to perhaps one day become much more like this conference. I could only hope it would be tomorrow.
It ain’t braggin’, just fact.
This is a little story from the Austin American-Statesman mentioning that every one of UT’s NCAA teams made it to the post season this year. Three words: We don’t play.






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