‘can still salvage’

Well, I learned of my current status in BIOL 1144(b)- the zoology lab. Let’s say I’m not ranked last in the class but not first either. The midterm was as expected but all my quizzes to this point have been A’s except for one. As my TA put it, I “can still salvage” the course. I’m like great. No really. It was both sarcastic and not.
The way The University of Texas works is they will accept transfer credit as long as I score a C or better in a class. No matter the grade, as long as it’s above C, I’ll receive credit (CR) for the course. So, even if I have the lowest C possible, in the end, it’s the same as the highest A.
Lessons Learned:
–7:00 am is way too early for a zoology lecture.
–twice a week is too much lab
–mindless memorization, while pointless overall, has a point when it comes to the grade
–don’t mock an university until you’re done taking all your classes
–don’t settle (like I might) for the lowest needed; grad schools will look at transcripts from ALL universities where I earned credit…
I think that’s all for now on that issue. In other news, it looks like I have a place to live for next year. More details on that to come as they are finalized.






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