diocesan priesthood

I’ve been reading The Spirituality of the Diocesan Priest edited by Donald Cozzens. An interesting quote:
“While in need of ministry himself, he ministers to others; while wounded himself, he heals and gives comfort. Though broken in heart and spirit, he reconciles and forgives; though anxious himself, he gives courage and hope to the alienated and estranged. In the name of God and the Christ and the Spirit, he has set out on a journey fraught with dangers and dragons. His quest is to set people free with the freedom and grace of the Gospel and in doing so to renew the face of the earth.”
I think this is a very interesting view of a priest. He’s not perfect but he wants to try to bring perfection to us all. This is something that is not limited only to priests though. We all can help give comfort to others even though we are wounded ourselves. Not everyone at all times to all people but we are able to be Christ to other people and we fail to do that so many times. And I don’t mean that we are able to do something huge always (sometimes we are) but sometimes simply just chilling with someone can make a world of difference. I digress….
Before I start rambling too much, I just thought Cozzens’ quote had a nice insight on the humanity of the priest.






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