modern injustice

The saddest injustice in our society today is the belief that life is supposed to be easy.
Whoever introduced that idea into our thinking did us a great disservice. Christ did not live an easy life. He was the Son of God and he still sweated blood agonizing over things he would have to endure. What makes us think that we are above that?
We are taught that man has the desire for God written on our hearts- whether or not we are ever aware of it. That empty feeling that someone with everything in the world has is the desire that can only be filled by something outside of this world. That means we must live our lives outside of this world. I don’t mean throw away all of your money and belongings, stripping your clothes down to the most basic of items and walking barefood to the nearest monastery. I mean we must find God and holiness in all things.
Dating is disordered if you fail to see the beauty that God has given it. Dating is the path of discernment towards marriage, the sacramental union of a man and a woman, the union of the two sexes, both made in God’s image, that is the unity of God within the human condition. School and education is disordered if you fail to see the beauty that God has given it. The sciences reveal to us more of the immense detail that the Creator gave to even the smallest particle of existence. So too is life disordered if you fail to see the beauty that God has given it. Through the fall of Adam, our lives become disordered because we try to expel God from it. We try to say we do not need him, his glory or his grace.
“O happy fault of Adam that gave us so great a redeemer.” God himself, in the form of Man, sacrificed himself to make atonement for the sin of man so that we can rejoin the beauty that God intended for our lives.
We have to get to that reconciliation between the sinful nature of man and the divine nature of God in all aspects of our lives- spiritual, physical, mental, in order for us to have an “easy” life. The two natures never completely reconcile by our own doing, we must continually work towards that reconciliation until our eternal rest. That makes life a struggle. When we work against that, that is when life is hard.
Life isn’t fair. Life isn’t easy. When we work towards the divine, it will all be worth it.






5 responses to “modern injustice

  1. Rachel Avatar

    I like saturdays entry, very well said, and very true. Hope you have a WONDERFUL day!

  2. Dan Avatar

    How did your semester turn out? How did you enjoy rise of Chritianity?

  3. Dan Avatar

    Did you ever get to speak with the professor outside of class?

  4. Kraft Avatar

    The semester had ups and downs but turned out well in the end.
    I actually enjoyed Rise of Christianity quite a bit. I would reccomend the class to anyone with an interest in the subject and would take Dr. White in the future. It was a very interesting look at the formation of the Church.

  5. Kraft Avatar

    On a few occasions, I was able to speak with him outside of class. He gave a series of lectures at a local church. I attended a few of those and was able to talk to him briefly about those. I visited him in office hours once to ask for a clarification on a point in his lecture. He gave a full and complete clarification and seemed to have no problem giving me the time to do that. A classmate of mine has had him for multiple classes and she attests to his approachability.
    Even in class (lecture hall of ~250 students at least), he made you feel very able to ask him questions.

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