an annual event?

Almost a year to the day, I wrote an entry about a news story reporting the the pope took a morning drive and how everso exciting it was.
Today, I open my e-mail to find this headliner from the Zenit News Service:

Poor Weather Halts Papal Outing
LES COMBES, Italy, JULY 7, 2004 ( Heavy rains today prevented John Paul II from going on a drive in the Italian Alps, where he is spending his 12-day vacation.
The rain kept the Pope close to the chalet in Les Combes, a small village of Introd, where he is spending his holiday.
Many people waited for the Holy Father in the curve of the road near his residence, hoping to catch a glimpse of him as his car drove by, but their hopes were disappointed.
Rain fell on the Valle d’Aosta from the early hours of the morning and the Civil Protection Authority raised the alarm about possible dangers due to the bad weather.

Last year, the pope took a drive. This year, the weather prevented the drive. I could find nothing in a quick search on whether he was able to take his drive two years ago.






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