apostolica sedes vacans: 1st and 2nd meetings of the cardinals

This morning, the General Congregation met twice. The first meeting, the swore an oath:

We, the Cardinals of Holy Roman Church, of the Order of Bishops, of Priests and of Deacons, promise, pledge and swear, as a body and individually, to observe exactly and faithfully all the norms contained in the Apostolic Constitution Universi Dominici Gregis of the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II, and to maintain rigorous secrecy with regard to all matters in any way related to the election of the Roman Pontiff or those which, by their very nature, during the vacancy of the Apostolic See, call for the same secrecy. [Next, each Cardinal shall add:] And I, N. Cardinal N., so promise, pledge and swear. [And, placing his hand on the Gospels, he will add:] So help me God and these Holy Gospels which I now touch with my hand.

65 cardinals were there, the Vatican announcement did not indicate whom. They met again shortly thereafter to discuss the most urgent matters. They decided to move the body today, have the funeral on Friday and that he will be buried in the same place where Pope John XXIII used to rest (he had since been moved upstairs out of the crypt).
The cardinals will gather again tomorrow at 3 a.m. CDT.
Tomorrow, a special press briefing will occur to discuss “Rites and Legislation of the Vacant See”.





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