i’m still alive

There has been a very extended gap between my last post and now. I had started to work on a script that would post to Xanga without any interaction on my part (like to keep Andrea happy!- Happy Anniversary! She and Charlie celebrate another year today). I ran some alpha-level testing of it and it failed without hope. I haven’t had the chance to work on it more with class but hopefully it’ll be up and running by the time the fall semester starts.
Classes have been going well, although they require much more of my time than previously resulting in my reduced website output.
saveplayers.com was given a slight facelift as I activated a content-management system for it. With classes and whatnot, I simply didn’t have the time to update it as often as needed. Now, Michael or whoever else can update content whenever their hearts desire.
Must be getting ready for class; I’ll try to post a little more often!






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  1. Rachel Avatar

    Hey! Your friend Vanessa came to the concert!! I’m sorry you couldn’t be there; it was so awesome! We had almost 600 people come out…
    Hope all is well

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