google ads? you sell out.

So yes, I have added Google ads to my website. I might keep them; I might remove them. We will have to see. Why have I added them?
All in all, this site doesn’t have much overhead. That I can recall, every piece of software is free so I pay for hosting (disk space, server software, bandwidth, etc) and the domain name. It’s not much but it’s still something while I’m on a tightening budget.
In addition to these Random Musings, my account hosts The Brandon Kraft Foundation, Save Players, the UCC’s Computer Support app, serves a testing ground for some new prospective LOA and UCC pet ideas, not to mention my calendar, my project management software (personal and Foundation) and more.
I could make a solid claim that some money from The Brandon Kraft Foundation should pay a small part of the fees but so far, we’ve been able to file for incorporation, request tax-exempt status, have a website, a PO box and a toll-free 866 number for over a year without using any money that people have given us for a program. (Our hope is that if you give your money for a particular program, every possible cent will go towards that program- not websites or phone numbers.) Now, if you want to make a donation for general usage (administrative overhead like that as well to augment individual programs), feel free to donate.
I’m not looking to make a profit on this and if I ever do make a profit, I’m going to send it to the Foundation anyhow. It would be nice to have the site pay for itself though. Ad revenue is credited to me based on 1) how many “impressions” my site gives (i.e. how many times are ads viewed) and 2) how many people click on the ads. In other words, this isn’t a comission system (like the Amazon links on the sidebar) so no purchase is required.
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