temporal security agency

Has anyone played The Journeyman Project games? It’s a triology released in 1993 (the original), 1995 (Buried in Time) and 1998 (Legacy of Time). It’s a 3D adventure game, somewhat like Myst, however, I thought this game was simply more exciting that Myst or Riven or whatever the third Myst was called. The basic story is you play the role of Gage Blackwood, Agent 5 of the Temporal Security Agency (TSA). Dr. Elliott Sinclair had recently invented time travel under a government project. Once it worked, the unified earth government (of course, Earth had fought a huge World War resulting in everyone left realizing that we shouldn’t let our differences divide us, etc) shut down the project realizing the hazards in changing the time stream.
Since the project had been successful, the World Senate established the TSA to monitor the timeline and fix any problems that arose.
Gage Blackwood, a previously unproven agent, was on duty when a major disruption of the timestream was found. Before the ripple was able to impact the present, he had to jump into the time machine and make all things right. As you could guess by there being a sequel, he saves the world.
The company that produced these games, Presto Studios, did an amazing job with them. Legacy of Time, the third and final game released, is breathtaking. For those in the gaming world, they also produced Myst III as well as a couple of others.
Presto closed up shop a few years ago so the unfinished JMP 4 will stay unfinished for now, but I think the next time I’m in Wichita Falls, I’m going to dig around my old gaming CDs to travel back in time. Although, who am I kidding? Do I actually have time to play games?
In either event, they were very fun games to play so if you have the time and can find a copy, give it a try.






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