the nba is now the megasport

After tonight’s little brawl, the NBA slowly start earning the nickname the “megasport”. This game, they combined a ball, a court, with some freestyle boxing. I heard next week they’re going to suit up in full pads and see who can kick the ball into the goal.
I’m just completely blown away. There are plenty of players out there just trying to play the game like men, but the few who act like this give me a taste in my mouth like that of the 1994 MLB strike.
It should be about the game. Sure, there’s a lot of other stuff attached to professional sports, but the concept of sport should prevail. This foul-turned-10-player-ejection is just beyond all understanding. They’re professionals! If I went into work and lost control like those players did tonight, I doubt I would have a job.
Speaking of, I need to head in early tomorrow so bed for now.






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