Breaking The Silence

I have maintained a blogging silence over the past few weeks. On the morning of my last post, my mom went in for a medical test and two days later, she learned that she has breast cancer.

As far as I know, we have had no history of cancer in our family and with much talk in cancer circles dealing with the possible genetic connection to cancer, I really did not expect the results that she had. Over the past few weeks, my family has been running around figuring out everything such as end-of-life matters that we never concerned ourselves with (a will, living will, etc) and with figuring out scheduling between the siblings to help Mom out in the weeks after surgery.

Starting on Tuesday, I’ll be on family leave from work. In reality, I just won’t be showing up in the office but plan to still get some work done from Wichita Falls.

I ask that you keep my mother in your prayers, especially as she undergoes an operation on Wednesday morning related to this.






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