Facebook’s Voting Problem

A brief post related to Facebook’s latest vote for governance.

The vote would be binding if 30% of active users, defined as those who logged onto the website in the last 30 days, voted. In this case, 60 million people needed to vote.

At the end of voting, it didn’t hit the 1-million mark.

This is a no-brainer on why this happened: there was virtually zero advertisement of the vote. I’m a techy guy and I’m on Facebook quite a bit. I logon most mornings to wish friends happy birthday if nothing else.

The only way I knew about the vote was from reading the Facebook blog outside of Facebook.

Why didn’t Facebook have one of their header-notices that they add anytime they want to get everyone’s attention? Why not a Facebook message to everyone active in the last 30 days?

This seems to be that Facebook did not want this vote to be successful. Now, they can respond “we tried!” and that be that.

They should launch a new voting period and actually promote it.






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