Blog Spam

Tons of bots online try to add spam to my blog via comments. They’re all almost the same…

“I love your blog!”
“I found this entry very interesting.”
One of my favorites — “This topic, Blog Spam – The Journeyman [the title of the page, not just the title of the entry], very worth reading.”
Today, I saw a new one for the first time: I find your blog a little too lengthy. I acknowledge the time you spent writing it. Thank you for all the efforts.”

What makes it even better is that it was posted on entry totaling 150 words.






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  1. JC Avatar

    Yeah, I’ve had that problem on again and off again too. Have you tried using a word captcha? That helped reduce the spam from bots (though it can also be a bit frustrating when the words chosen are “Fundamentalist antidisestablishmentarianism”).

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