Genesis eNews Extended with MailPoet Support

While Genesis eNews Extended has worked great with a many different mailing list services out of the box, I have heard from a number of y’all that you’d like to use it with MailPoet (formerly WYSIJA).

MailPoet is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to send newsletters from within the WordPress dashboard without needing a third-party service. Since it was internal to your site, it didn’t quite work with Genesis eNews Extended.

No more.

I’m proud to release version 1.4.0 of Genesis eNews Extended that has support for MailPoet built-in. If you don’t use MailPoet, that’s cool. Nothing is different for you (though there were minor code improvements).

If you have the MailPoet plugin activated, you’ll see an additional option in the widget settings:mailpoet-enews

If you have any issues, please open a thread on the plugin’s support page.

Major props to Maor Chasen of the MailPoet team for coding up this enhancement!

Polyglots Needed!

Multiple languages you have? I have setup a GlotPress install for eNews Extended to help ease improving the translations that come included in the plugin.

You can register for an account, then visit the GlotPress site to edit any of the current translations. If you know a different language, send me a note and I’ll add it.

Translations are now handled by





12 responses to “Genesis eNews Extended with MailPoet Support

  1. Kim Avatar

    Good stuff, we’re happy to see this relieve a few of our users!

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar

      It’ll help on my end too. Y’all have a good user base, if folks asking me for MailPoet support is any indication.

  2. FxB Avatar

    Thanks that’s a great new, MailPoet is using Transifex for translations, you should have a look and join in.

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar

      That’s cool. I’ll check it out.

  3. Susan Avatar

    NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sending my first person to your support forum… I thought she had a plugin conflict, but I see that it’s the built in functionality which has broken how her sidebar works. 🙁

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar

      Can you provide more detail? I don’t see anything new via the forums yet. A MailPoet conflict or what?

  4. Louise Avatar

    Hi, have been trying to get mailpoet to work with Genesis eNews Extended for over a week. I keep get error 404 page when trying to do a test subscription. Have emailed mailpoet support but not making any progress. I am about to abandon Mailpoet, I don’t have any technical knowledge so its very frustrating. Please could you advise what I need to put in the form action box etc for mailpoet setup so I can check its correct. Many thanks.

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar


      When using MailPoet, leave all those fields blank. The form action, email field name, first and last name field names aren’t used:

      If you’re still having issues, please start a thread on the widget’s support page and include a link to the site with the widget enabled.

  5. Kylie Jenkins (@MadeByAPrincess) Avatar

    Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for to fix my subscription problem. No other threads talked about removing the info in the widget field which was the problem. Thank you!

  6. Bettina Avatar

    Thank you for your help to leave the fields blank! This made my day!!

  7. Dale Avatar

    I notice there does not seem to be support for MailPoet3 yet. Will this be supported. Should I stay with MailPoet2 for now?

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar

      I’m not planning to work on MailPoet3 support in the near term and haven’t had requests for it, except for your comment.

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