From The Other Side: The WordPress Dev World from a Blogger’s POV

I’ve never been called a user before. In my world I’m a writer, an editor, a blogger, a creative. I know my role in the agency world, consultant world, and publishing world. I have literally no clue about my role in the blogging world, despite having been a blogger since 2008. At WordCamp I felt like an exotic animal sitting in on the zookeepers’ meeting. They certainly respected my role and wanted to honor it. But I never realized brilliant people were building and supporting my blog for me. I assumed the toys and plants and prey staged in my exhibit were just there, but smart and resourceful zookeepers placed them there.

Source: Love blogging? Look behind the curtain. | Naptime Writing

This is a beautiful write-up from an “user” who attended WordCamp San Francisco, which is the WordPress conference of WordPress conferences. It was the first WordPress conference and the one that draws everyone—so much so, they’re going to stop calling it WordCamp San Francisco and take it on the road.

While I found WordPress as a blogger wanting a platform that didn’t lead me to cursing, I hadn’t considered what it is like for someone who hadn’t realized how much thought, consideration, and energy go into creating a platform for the content creators of the world.







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