Seeing Race


The moment that many white students walk into my course they are experiencing a series of firsts: The first time many of them have had a black teacher or professor. The first time many of them have ever taken a class dealing with African-American history. The first time many of them have been in a class with so many black and Latino students. The first time many of them have taken a class that does not meet their parents’ approval. The first time many of them feel like a minority. The first time many of them will be in a class that forces them to confront African-American issues and concerns.

Source: Seeing Race | The Alcalde

The Alcalde has a very enjoyable article about Dr. Leonard Moore’s History of the Black Power Movement course, taught in the fall semesters at The University of Texas at Austin.

It has been nearly 13 years since my freshman year at UT-Austin—holy 💩 has it been that long?—and what struck me walking on to 40 Acres for the first time was that lack of diversity after 12 years of attending some of the highest minority-attending public schools in my hometown. In fact, it was one of the earliest posts on this site after it adopted a blog format.

I’m excited that this is being offered at UT and that it is in high demand.



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