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I’ll Have Another

Vanessa took a pregnancy test and you’ll never guess what happened next! Oh? You can? Just read on.

I never imagined being a father growing up. In my teenage, college, or early young adult years, I could never picture myself being a dad. Even having Olivia, it took years before I owned fatherhood. Losing my dad young in life was a part of it, but simply I never pictured myself with kids.

Things change.

Olivia and Catalina were born. I quit working to focus on being a stay-at-home dad. Teresa was born. I went back to work outside the family. Ana and Dorothy were born.

Fatherhood ain’t a bad gig. After five kids, fatherhood is part of my core identity. So, why stop there?

After a little hiatus that was long enough to sneak in a family trip to Disney World, Vanessa and I are back in the baby business. We’re happy to announce that the newest member of the Kraft team is expected to arrive in late November. 🀰

Yes. Another one.

Yes, newest member. Singular. The doctor looked. There’s only one kiddo in there this time. Bases checked.

With the first three, we waited until birth to learn if we were having a boy or a girl. With the twins, there were so many unknowns and we needed so many ultrasounds, we figured we should find out and save some poor tech accidentally saying something.

For this time around, we have two bedrooms for the girls and a boy would, well, require some decent reorganizing of our home sooner rather than later. We wanted to know how much chaos to expect in the near term!

Yup, another girl.

We appreciate all of your prayers in advance! The little one is due the same week as Vanessa’s birthday and the twins’ fourth birthday.


By Brandon Kraft

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