A facelift‽‽‽

Indeed. I switched the site over to the very alpha, raw, unfinished version of Twenty Twenty, the upcoming default theme that will be released with a future version of WordPress.

Over the years, I’ve found the best way to find and fix bugs with the default themes is to use it on a site you actively care about. Or your slightly neglected personal site. Either way. 😉






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  1. John Jr Avatar

    Hello Brandon Kraft,

    Thank you for using the Twenty Twenty theme, you have been one of the few people that I can usually rely on to test a default WordPress theme early, which gives me a chance to see them in action early; hopefully this theme will be usable for me because it has been a while since a default WordPress theme or most of the new free WordPress.com themes have met my requirements for a theme sadly.

    I used to be able to change themes every year, but theme design has changed so much that most are no longer usable for me it seems.

    -John Jr

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