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  • Genesis eNews Extended 2.1 Released

    Genesis eNews Extended 2.1 Released

    Genesis eNews Extended 2.1 is now available on It has been a couple of years since a new version has been released—frankly, the plugin just works and it hasn’t needed much work. Please note this version requires WordPress 4.9.6 and will not be offered unless you’re running WordPress 4.9.6+. The European Union is preparing […]

  • Google’s AI Will Call Places For You

    This video from Google I/O today is mind-blowing. In it, Google shows off an in-development feature where Google Assistant will call some places to interact with someone on your behalf. “Google, please make me an appointment for a haircut on Tuesday.” Ideally, I would expect Google to interact with an API that ties into the […]

  • Venmo’s Defaults

    Venmo’s default settings are very uncomfortable. I’ve never used this payment service by PayPal before and, by default, I am friends with all of my phone’s contacts—I opted out of linking to Facebook—and I would automatically make public anytime I exchanged money. Not only to my “friends”, but totally public. I shouldn’t know that someone […]

  • Calendar Scratchpad?

    My dentist's calendaring program had a "scratchpad" where they could drag an appointment, then find where on the calendar they wanted it, then drag it back into the calendar grid. Anyone know of a Google Calendar-compatible OS X app that has something like that? Also on: Twitter Facebook

  • Dropping Google Apps

    I’ve been using a G Suite/Google Apps/Gmail for your Domain address for a decade at least. Generally, this had been fine for me until relatively recently. I can’t do the following with them: Google Fi Google Fiber Family Sharing for Google Music/Apps/Movies All in all, it hasn’t been that much of a pain but with […]

  • More blogging and less social media

    More blogging and less social media

    Entering 2018, I plan on setting a New Years’ resolution of using social media less, and blogging more. Source: More blogging and less social media The founder of Drupal, a “competing” CMS to WordPress hits the nail on the head here. I’m planning on doing the same. I do like that I look up old […]