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  • Genesis eNews Extended v1.1 Released

    Genesis eNews Extended v1.1 Released

    Version 1.1 of Genesis eNews Extended went out today with two features that will help you better customize your widget.

  • Genesis eNews 0.1.6 and Genesis Minimum Images Extended

    Genesis eNews 0.1.6 and Genesis Minimum Images Extended

    Two new releases in the plugin department. I released Genesis eNews Extended 0.1.6 over the weekend. This enables, for all users, the ability to add fields for first or last name. If you downloaded the beta version (0.2-beta1 or similar) there are no changes. I downgraded the version number as my roadmap for 0.2 was…

  • Genesis eNews Extended v0.1.5 Released

    Version 0.1.5 of the Genesis eNews Extended plugin is now public. This version features an option to let the confirmation screen open in the same tab. Check it out using my subscribe form. This setting will work for all non-Feedburner lists. Why not FeedBurner? FeedBurner assumes a new window. The confirmation screen includes a “Close…

  • Genesis eNews Extended Announced

    Genesis eNews Extended Announced

    Over on the StudioPress blog, you’ll read about Genesis 1.9 depreciating the native FeedBurner e-mail subscription widget and recommending Genesis eNews Extended. I love StudioPress’ themes—they look great, have solid logical structure for customizing, and a great community surrounding the product. Earlier this year, I ran into a problem. I wanted to use their stock…