forcing myself

Now, I’m just forcing myself to update more often. What a day today was. First, I got back a HIS 309L (Western Civ in Modern Times) test that I failed. No good. Check my e-mail and find a picture of Brandie’s baby in it. The clock struck 10. What a morning!
The rest of the day went quick and fast as usual. Three more classes, me rushing to finish three more assignments. Thankfully, my PHL 301 professor cancelled class on Friday as well as pushed back a paper from Monday to Wednesday. OU Weekend is a glorious time indeed. What is the best part is he was not going to do that until a student used Kantian arguments against him and made him conclude he was morally obliged to calling the walk. Who says philosophy is a useless major!
Tonight, I’m studying for a HIS 305K (History of East Asia until 1800) midterm, going to a seminar over the search of virtues with Shannon, maybe stopping by Hooters for a Lambda hang-out night, running to the Catholic Center for some studying and saying hey to Marion, Ashley and all the Wednesday night crowd and maybe some sleep in there. Tomorrow, I have an appointment with Fr. David down at the Chancery, three appointments with different TAs/professors about random things, a Queso Night with Marion (yay!), the glorious Friends Party with Shannon and company (Personally, I don’t get all giddy over the show Friends but it is a great excuse to chill with Shannon and Nicole), and of course, study.
For now, I’m going to heat up some dinner, sit outside on the balcony and listen to the rain.






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