fall 2004: registration? third time a charm?

50055 — BIO 325 (Genetics) — TTh 9:30-11, M 3-4
52560 — CH 310M (Organic I) — MWF 12-1
52805 — CH 431 (Inorganic-W) — TTh 11-12:30, F 9-12
57935 — M 408K (Differential Calc) MTWThF 8-9
I met with my chemistry advisor today for the first time; she suggested a slightly different four-year plan than the one I figured up on my own. The real difference was taking CH 431 this Fall and CH 456 next fall instead of the opposite which I had proposed. The change from CH 318M to CH 310M (both Organic) was simply to fit my schedule. The lab for 310M and 310N (Spring) is 210C whereas the lab for 318M and 318N is 118K and 118L (one each semester). So that, boys and girls, is how I figured out my new schedule. Since she was an advisor, she was able to override a seat limit for me but it’s all good.






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