98% Women

A pack of women running a race.
It’ll look something like this (Photo Credit: flickr.com/donjuanna)

Vanessa and I are running a half-marathon in October. I mentioned this yesterday, but what I failed to mention was which half-marathon we were running.

See Jane Run is hosting their first Austin event on October 9th. The event includes a half-marathon, a 5K, a Stroller 5K for joggin’ mamas and a kids run. The finisher prize is chocolate and champagne, which expressly will not be given to any male finisher.

See Jane Run’s FAQ says that men are welcome to run, but beware that 98% of participants are women. 98%. That’s a lot. I searched the registration list and saw that there is only one other man from Austin running the half-marathon. Maybe a good number of men travel across the state to run in a virtually women-only run?

I’m not terribly sure what to expect from a field of all women nor sure if there is anything different to expect.

Though, I will avoid testing out any women’s products in a bathroom near a hairdryer and a bathtub the night before. (Confused? What Women Want)





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