2017 Half-Marathon

I ran in the 2017 Austin Half-Marathon last weekend. I hadn’t done a distance race since the 2015 Austin Half as the final race in the 2014-2015 Austin Distance Challenge’s Half-Marathon track. That year, I was training for a full marathon, but the twin’s early birth and NICU detoured me to the half track, which still included three half-marathons (including one I ran while living at the hospital).

This year’s run was warm and muggy and, frankly, I forgot about all of the hills during training. If the 13.1 miles were just around the neighborhood, I think it would have been a pretty fine race, but with the hills and weather, I wasn’t ready for it. Mile 8-9.5 were pretty darn painful.

But, Clif gave out free gel shots and Austin Beerworks gave out shots of beer at mile 13, so I had enough pushing me forward. My time was right within a minute of the other times I ran that race solo.

The finisher’s medal had a removable ribbon and doubles as a belt buckle. I can’t say I wear belt buckles often, but I definitely did to church that evening. 😁

I’m toying with the idea of starting a running blog (or category here) to track building up to 26.2 miles.

The 5K Is The Ideal Race

On a recent business trip, I asked the concierge at my hotel for advice about where to go running. “Are you training for a marathon?” he asked. Nope. I’m racing 5Ks, I told him. He gave me a puzzled look…

Source: The 5K, Not The Marathon, Is The Ideal Race

I enjoy longer runs. Hell, I ran a half-marathon while living at the hospital when the twins were a week old. This post has an interesting perspective and research to indicate that longer runs are overrated and excelling at short long-distance runs is the way to go.1

I still want to do the full Austin Distance Challenge.

  1. TIL: Middle-distance events are considered longer than sprints and up to 3000m, while long-distance events are considered 5k or longer. 

98% Women

A pack of women running a race.

It’ll look something like this (Photo Credit: flickr.com/donjuanna)

Vanessa and I are running a half-marathon in October. I mentioned this yesterday, but what I failed to mention was which half-marathon we were running.

See Jane Run is hosting their first Austin event on October 9th. The event includes a half-marathon, a 5K, a Stroller 5K for joggin’ mamas and a kids run. The finisher prize is chocolate and champagne, which expressly will not be given to any male finisher.

See Jane Run’s FAQ says that men are welcome to run, but beware that 98% of participants are women. 98%. That’s a lot. I searched the registration list and saw that there is only one other man from Austin running the half-marathon. Maybe a good number of men travel across the state to run in a virtually women-only run?

I’m not terribly sure what to expect from a field of all women nor sure if there is anything different to expect.

Though, I will avoid testing out any women’s products in a bathroom near a hairdryer and a bathtub the night before. (Confused? What Women Want)

Go Big or Go Home


Runners grabbing water during a marathon

I didn’t look this happy when I ran a marathon (Photo Credit: flickr.com/nordearigamarathon/)

The crowning achievement of my athletic life was the 2008 Austin Marathon. Ran (more or less) 26.2 miles. If you’ve met me in person, I would be the last person you’d expect to run a marathon; nevertheless, I did it.

That was also my last major exercise achievement. I ran a half-marathon in 2010, but without training and very poorly. Vanessa hasn’t run since the 2008 marathon and, in the mean time, got married and had two kids.

When we saw a Facebook Deal for 50% off registration for a half-marathon in October, it caught my interest. When I saw that the start/finish line was in a park a block away from my house, it kept my interest. I mentioned it to Vanessa, expecting her to flush the idea out of my mind. Read More