How @Kraft Was Won

The flash talk I gave to the entire company at our 2013 Grand Meetup.

Update: Here’s some more pictures of the gift basket they sent me. After this video, they also sent some cheese, literally.





39 responses to “How @Kraft Was Won

  1. […] you’re new around here, check out my 4-minute presentation about the name or the care package @KraftFoods sent later […]

  2. TurquoiseStar17 Avatar

    If they ever come to you wanting it, make sure you ask a high price 😀

  3. Terry Avatar

    I would have thought either food company or the guy who owns patriots.

  4. Dan Harris Avatar

    Ok, that was hilarious.

  5. Dave Scharf 🇺🇸🇨🇦 Avatar

    A friend of mine had to give up her long-held name because some massage parlour in Texas had the same name and wanted it. Twitter just gave it to them. I’m amazed Kraft didn’t do the same. Gift baskets! That’s awesome.

  6. Archivist1000 Avatar

    Oh geez .. don’t get me started on STOVE TOP!

  7. Is This Podcast Name Taken? Avatar

    Wow, this story rules.

    Big reach, but – If you’re interested in coming on a podcast and talking about COVID-19 and quarantining has impacted your family, I’d love to chat with you.

  8. Kevin Dalton Avatar

    Thanks for sharing and the huge laughs it provided.

    Have a great day and stay well



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