The Month of Blogging

For the month of April, fellow Automattician Justin Shreve challenged the company to make a point to publish some blog post every day of the month, seven days a week.

The challenge was extremely hard, frankly. Some posts, like this one, were posted simply to follow the letter of the rule, not the spirit. Life gets in the way: there was a WordCamp, a big Jetpack security release, a surgery, a car accident, travel for weddings, travel for work. It isn’t easy nor trivial to have interesting content every day with no downtime.

I often found myself with an idea I wanted to flesh out more but posted prematurely, in one sense, because I wanted to keep up with the challenge. I’ll write more about this, but limited time tonight. (Vanessa was in a car accident today—everyone is okay, except for the car—so my schedule ran out on me.

If you didn’t keep up, here’s what I posted this month:

Thanks everyone for reading along. I’ll keep it up, though maybe not daily. I’d like to be of interest to more people than my wife (that’s a stretch) and my mom!






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  1. Astrid Tuttle Winegar Avatar

    Man, I’m hard-pressed to post three times a month…hope everything gets back to (a relative state of) normal for you all soon.

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